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Mario Falcone goes from strength to strength

Article posted by Riccardo Frati / 30 December 2016

Mario Falcone revealed his brand new nose live on This Morning 7 Oct 2016, and is now looking amazing this winter!

Back on the show he told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford:

"I’m really happy I didn't want to change the size, I am proud of my Italian heritage. It is just a little tweak."

Mario consulted with Dr Frati in Summer 2016 and he then commissioned to have the bridge of his nose slimmed down, with the tip narrowed and lifted.

The TOWIE celebrity said his new nose has helped him take better pictures:

"I used to hate taking selfies, the lighting was always wrong. I used to hate taking pictures."

Mario broke his nose playing football when he was 11. It didn't bother him until five years ago when he was picked on about how big it was on social media.

"I'm proud of my Italian heritage - our nose is supposed to be a striking feature, like David Gandy."

Mario spent £5,000 going under the knife for his rhinoplasty procedure, and he loves the results whilst says it was a pleasure working with Dr Frati and all the team at Riccardo Frati Cosmetic Surgery UK.

If you’d like to know about the ways in which your nose can be enhanced through cosmetic surgery then give us a call - we’d be happy to talk you through the procedures.