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Does drinking beer equal moobs?

Article posted by Riccardo Frati / 02 October 2016

Ask any man how he’d feel about developing breasts and you can guarantee he’d run a mile. For some men though having to cope with breasts, or moobs as they’re more commonly known, is a daily battle, affecting their physical and emotional wellbeing. So what exactly causes breast tissue to develop in men and what can you do about it?

Moobs (gynaecomastia) affects around 40 to 60 per cent of men. Gynaecomastia is usually the result of a specific medical condition or a hormone imbalance. If you suffer from this condition, you’ll have lower testosterone and higher oestrogen levels than usual, which causes the fatty tissue (resembling breasts) to develop. You may find that a particular lifestyle, combined with a high intake of calorific food will cause breasts to develop.

Many men won’t be aware that drinking a lot of beer may also contribute to man breasts (which is down to the hops in beer) which can lead to the body producing greater levels of oestrogen than usual. There are several options available to help reduce the size of the breast area whether you opt for the lifestyle change or the cosmetic surgery route is up to you. Both of these will help to correct the imbalance of testosterone and oestrogen, and as the weight comes off, so too will your breasts.

Some foods known for reducing oestrogen production include brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. Drinking chamomile and kombucha tea may also help. For those suffering from gynaecomastia, eating healthily and increasing the amount of exercise you do unfortunately won’t have much of an impact. That’s not to say you should stop doing these things as adopting a healthy lifestyle will help you manage your weight as well as maintain good overall health and fitness.

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